Vintage Rental Tip: Vintage Furniture

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Vintage Rental Tip: Vintage Furniture

A person who is in love with the era of yesteryear when furniture was associated with beauty and grace will usually enjoy the Victorian period style furniture. Victorian furniture was usually handcrafted from a variety of different types of wood, especially oak which was the wood common in England at that time.

Victorian and other types of vintage furnishings are popular today to enhance the style people are creating, either in their homes or to create an atmosphere at a special event.

If you’re looking at styling your event with vintage type decor then you’ll want to do a little research to find out how to mix and match different styles successfully. There are furniture vendors who can provide a variety of Victorian style furniture sets for different rooms or purposes.  Their help can be invaluable in making sure that your selections are matching in character, era, style and color so that the overall effect is authentic. vintage furniture

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Period chairs often feature open arms as well an a cushioned upholstered backrest which provides support and makes the chair more comfortable than some styles which provide hardly any back rest or support.

Vintage furniture is especially popular with those of us who like the history from this time period. It’s quite ironical that those of us who like this historical approach to decor, also like to shop for antiques online using the latest of technology to indulge our old fashioned habits!

As you search the internet looking for treasures and antique bargains, you should attempt to find not only pieces with historical value but also items that make you feel good and have an atmosphere redolent  of happy times spent with the families they belonged to in the past.  And that, though it may appear simple in theory, is however quite difficult to identify online.

The reason we have so much in the way of Victorian furniture to choose from today is that it was generally manufactured from quality wood that has stood the test of time. Many pieces you will find almost appear to be just like a masterpiece of art with their floral upholstery designs, stunning mouldings, and painstakingly carved finishes.

All chairs, sofas and love seats were manufactured from wood and then carefully upholstered using different types of fabric that was common in that era. The fabrics they had those days were usually handwoven on large looms and the most popular for furniture included fancy brocades, rich velvets, and timeless intricate tapestries with many different patterns and colours, often with pictures depicting a special period of history or a special event such as a coronation or a royal hunting trip.

Tables generally had marble tops and could be designed in many methods to match other pieces in the space. Solid mahogany was mainly considered for making this kind of Victorian work of art.

The range of Vintage furniture rentals you will come across may include many different types of living room furniture items.

These would include things such as revolving cocktail tables, a pull-up chair or open arm club chairs which reflected a extremely simple way of life. There are stunning hand finishes and intricate carvings on these pieces that reflect the period of perfection and art that has long since disappeared. This is one reason that so many appreciate this type of decor today.

Very often when you are searching for Vintage furniture, especially that which is advertised for Rental, you may be looking at reproduction furniture rather than genuine antiques.  Be sure to check with the vendor on this.  Many of these reproductions are very convincing even down to the smallest details in line, finish and look.  Many can only be detected as reproduction after close examination by an expert on antiques.  If you’re looking for genuine antiques be sure to do your homework, especially if you want to have this furniture not only for yourself but also for passing on from era to era to be cherished by everybody in your family and be considered as a genuine heirloom.

But most of all, remember that your vintage furniture hunt should be a fun and enjoyable experience!

Vintage Rental Tip: Vintage Wedding Gifts for Father of the Bride

vintage rental tip: gift for Father of the Bride
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Here’s another Vintage Rental Tip for the ultimate Vintage Wedding: What to get as a wedding gift for the Father of the Bride:

When you’re planning a vintage style wedding, one of the trickiest aspects is choosing the appropriate gifts for the Father of the Bride. It has to be both thematically correct as well as fit in with the era and theme of the wedding.

The good news is that whatever your nationality, most of us adore our own ethnic, historical backgrounds. Whether it is for your family friends, your father, or your grandfather, or your father-in-law to be,  so many individuals in your life would adore a piece of vintage American background as a wedding memento from your vintage wedding.

Depending on the time period on which your themed wedding is based you may have lots of ideas to draw from. There are so many time periods to select from and each will provide such a wealth of ideas and could feature items which were at the time brand new inventions, but that have become an everyday sight to us. Things like Coke a Cola which used to look completely different to how it looks today.  Another example is Sports Vintage backgrounds from the 1930′s, 40′s, 50′, or 60′s such as the New York Yankees. Another idea is a vintage car collection. After all, who doesn’t absolutely love the beautiful old cars of yesteryear?

Other really innovative gift ideas come from world history, perhaps from periods of war in your country or periods of complete innovation. Examples of this might be the Industrial Revolution during which there was a fantastic upheaval and many new inventions.  Other such times include the Civil War, and World War I and World War II.

Looking for the absolutely perfect vintage present can seem a little overwhelming, as there is really so much to choose from and so many different ideas to explore. If you look on this page, you’ll see that there are some suggestions ranging from a vintage look pocket watch to a classic Swiss Army style knife. With just a little thought, you can come up with some fantastic and distinctive ideas to make your gift giving interesting, enjoyable, and informative depending on your period of choice.

While you are planning and researching your vintage rental for the wedding keep your eyes open for great gift ideas.

For those special Dads, sports are certainly always a fantastic way to go when considering vintage. Each team, or most of them anyway, have experienced some memorable time in their existence when a truly outstanding team-player has emerged into the spotlight and electrified sports fans and media alike.

Some teams are steeped in this kind of memorabilia. A good framed art print of a special sports hero in action or an aerial view of their house stadium are both great ideas. Sports memorabilia usually tends to make for a fantastic man’s present. Art prints of yesteryear are great gift ideas with longevity, as they can be hung as a time tested and lasting tribute to not only the era but also the event you’re commemorating.

Good vintage rental ideas as well as ideas for memorable gifts are endless.  They are only limited by your own imagination.